Q. When does season start?
A. Practices will begin in early September and games will start shortly there after. Dates will be passed along once the are passed down from CJSL.
Q. When do we practice?
A. Each teams coach sets a schedule that will work best with the majority of players on his team. Usually twice a week, in any combination Monday-Friday, after 5:30pm (to avoid CUSD activity conflict).
Q. My child is new to soccer. I don't want him "bench warming". Will he get to play if mixed with more experienced kids?
A. We play under the rules of CYSA Div 4 recreational soccer. All players are offered a minimum of 50% playing time. Even the weakest player will get at least 50% offered. Only his/her physical stamina or health issues (asthma, etc.) would reduce play time. Exception: disciplinary action for misbehavior or repeated missing practice due to "non-CUSD" activities.
Q. Why does our team have to play away from Cole? Other teams play here...
A. Clovis Junior Soccer League has approx. 6000 players from 33 schools. League play is scheduled by the League Competition Committee, not Cole Soccer Club. In the seasons we "host", we try to get as many teams home as possible, but it is not up to us. Cole does not have the space for a regulation U12 field. U12's will always play away. Cole can support either 2-U10 and 4-U6 fields OR 2-U10 and 1-U8 field. This season we will host U10's and U6's. After ability bracket adjustments, your team (U10) may move (including into/ out of Cole) at least twice. U6's assigned here should stay for the season.
Q. My child is a strong player, can he/she "play up" an age bracket?
A. Each CJSL Club forms it teams by different criteria, conforming to the standards of CYSA (State) and CJSL (League) rules. Cole SC is a medium sized Club that does not currently support the player numbers to have multiple teams in the U12 age brackets. We will consider an "age up" request if presented at time of registration. That player's teams placement will be "held" until the close of "on-time" registration where his special request would not displace a true "age-pure" player away from Cole SC. That player must prior demonstrate a complete dominance of his/her natural age bracket such that staying would hinder his/her development. It will be the sole discretion of the Club Commissioner with input from non-vested coaches to the final decision. Players may play up one-half an age bracket (ie: by age, a second year U10, may play U12). Under no circumstances will a first year age bracket be allowed an age up (ie: by age, first year U10 [U9] cannot play U12.) This is a CYSA state and CJSL League rule.
Q. Why does it cost this much to play soccer at Cole?
A. There are NO paid employees of Cole Soccer Club. The entire Board and Coaching Staff are ALL volunteers. Cole pays a "pass through" fee to it's affiliated League (CJSL). Currently this is $60.00 per player. From this comes leasing of CUSD facilities for hosting sites, referees fees, grounds restoration funds to CUSD, player pictures, etc. Part of that "pass through" is also forwarded from the League to the District/State to cover registration admin, and group liability insurance coverage. Cole SC's Board annually sets the balance of your registration fee to cover our operating overheads, (players socks, anticipated or earmarked project expenses, this season a portion will go to new uniforms for the following season, admin and publishing overhead, coaches training, equipment etc.). The portion above League $60.00 pass through is adjusted annually to meet the seasonal needs of Club operations, including both short and long term projects and projections. It is the Board's goal to keep individual player registration costs to a minimum and still meet our targets with a small reserve per player for emergency contingencies. This is why targeted fundraiser and sponsorship participation is so critical, without which the general registration fee would have to be raised to cover any shortfall.